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September 20, 2013
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Kibougamine Gakuen : SHSL Violinist by ImaiAiko Kibougamine Gakuen : SHSL Violinist by ImaiAiko
Ah..Honestly, I take Roleplay apps application seriously especially for the character's information. Let's get started! :iconyuiwahplz:

Aiko Imai (Imai Aiko 今井子 "Child of Morning")


5' 4" || 163 cm

93 lbs || 42 kg


Date of Birth
7/9 || 7th September

Super High-School Level

Mixed ; Japanese-Korean , lives in a big Mansion at Sapporo,Hokkaido,Japan.

Extra Features
Pink Contact lenses, (her actual eye colour are blue),Silver earrings.


Aiko is a girl with calm expression and keeps her feelings hidden. She is pleasingly graceful and stylish in both appearance and manner. She rarely talks much and always sit in silence .She's very confident and also harsher towards men, but she doesn't dislike them. However, if you're being impolite, then she won't hesitate to either scold you or let you suffer consequences. Though she looks like an anti-social person, that doesn't mean didn't really care about her friends and acquaintances.

Likes | Dislikes
+ Music
+ Technology
+ Reading stuffs
+ Western Food
+Solving mysteries

- Smokers
- Sluts
- Gore
- Alcohol
- Soft drinks
- Fast Food

Additional Info
❄ She didn't like being around with her siblings ; especially her big brother, Ikao.
❄ She is also known as SHSL Musician, but she denies it whenever it comes up.
❄ She is also good at playing musical instruments.
❄ She does look skinny, but she does eat a lot!

Aiko was born in Seoul,Korea, the daughter of a psychologist and a therapist and also a sister of a voice actor and pianist. Aiko's parents were Subaru and Ju-En Imai, Professor Emeritus of Seoul National University, in Seoul. Her father is of Japanese descent, and her mother is Korean. Her eldest brother were Ikao and her little brother, Aoki. Later she moves in to Sapporo,Hokkaido,Japan.

Aiko began taking violin lessons at the age of four after her mother discovered that her daughter had taken rubber bands from around the house and stretched them across the handles of her dresser drawer to pluck out music she had heard her mother play on the piano. Her parents got a scaled-to-size violin for their then five-year-old daughter and started giving her lessons.As a normal student, she also took part in sports and investigations.

Aiko studied as a girl first under Jin Ishikawa, one of the best violinist from International Suzuki Association ; The Suzuki Method. Her second teacher was Mayu, and then she switched to the violinist and pedagogue Masuko Ushioada after Aiko's parents assured Masuko that they were not interested in pushing their daughter in the study of the violin but simply wanted her to have the best teacher for her abilities. Satisfied that the girl was living a normal life, Masuko took Aiko on as her student. By age 9, Aiko was serious about the instrument, thanks in large part to Masuko's inspiration.

At the age of 14, Aiko appeared as a soloist with the Sapporo Symphony Ochestra conducted by Ken Takaseki. She studied the violin at the Toho Gakuen School of music and graduated from Naebo Elementary School, Aiko received an Artist Diploma in Violin Performance from Toho Gakuen. Her alma mater also honored her with a Distinguished Alumni Service Award only two years after her graduation. She has been named "Super High-School Level Violinist".

RP Sample
As the last period bell rang, Aiko quickly organize her books and stuffs into her bag and walks out from the classroom, walking downstairs, as soon she arrived at her locker, she takes out her shoes and quickly walk home since it is going to rain soon.

"Tadaima.." as she knocks the door, giving a heavy sigh and glared at the window; the door is locked, probably her brothers wasn't at home. As she about to take her emergency key from her pocket, someone opened the door.

"Welcome back, Onee-chan! I'm sorry for locking the door--"
"You don't need to say sorry, Ao. After all you're all alone, Ikao's not around right? even Oba-chan?"
"Uhm! Ikao got some recording today, Oba-chan went off to the market nearby.."
"...I see."

Trying to avoid Aoki, she quickly walks through the hall.Suddenly, Aoki grabs her hand.

"Onee-chan, I got something for you!" He exclaimed happily.

Giving a heavy sigh , she turns around , looking to Aoki.

"What is it? Please make it fast." She crosses her arms.

Aoki hands out a letter. Without wasting time, She takes the letter. Curiously asking herself I wonder who gave this to me.


Aiko's expressionless face changed into super-excited expression, jumping around the hall like a child and running upstairs screaming happily ignoring Aoki.

Actually, I wanna laugh, but oh well, I'll edit some of this descp. So many errors.
since i'm sleepy, i will edit it when i got back from school

Imai Aiko © ~iBlackCat

I prefer roleplay via :
o Note
o Chatrooms
o Comments
o Skype

English is not my first language, sometimes maybe there will be and auto correct or typo, please bear with my laptop and grammar. :iconchitandaahplz:
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As she shocked as Monokuma appear out of nowhere, she looks at Monokuma "Err, Okay....NNngh?! A stuffed bear?!" She jumps out from her sit. "T-Thank you! I'll see you around then..!" She quickly run off somewhere
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